Why are videos important to artists? First of all, when you make a video, you will surely attract people's attention, thus setting the foundation for a group of fans that will always be close to you. Some of the most popular videos in recent years have been music videos, many of which become viral on the internet.

Thus, the Chamaeleo team has good news for artists, you can benefit from an increased presence in the online environment and additional revenue because we offer professional music video services.




Making a professional music video can be the perfect way for you to promote your music and passion. And social media platforms encourage video content. Did you know that a music video generates up to 1200% more distributions, unlike texts and images combined together?


Hence, it's your moment as an artist to express your individuality and vision through a professional music video, reinforcing your connection with your fans. Videos are among the only formats that can reach millions of views. Why not take advantage of this opportunity? And for that, you will need audio-video assembling and video-audio synchronization to make the process of creating a video to meet your professional standards as an artist. So the team at Chamaeleo offers you these services so that you can fulfill your dream.

We also believe that important video brands should also be placed in the video creation. Specifically, product placement within music videos works in the way the audience recognizes a particular brand and will help increase sales and improve brand perception.


So, an effective way for you, as an artist, when making a music video, would be to consider product placement as a more organic promotion alternative to advertisements that may sometimes be too ostentatious. But, to the same extent, your video can be much better perceived by your fans and it can become viral if you associate yourself with the brands that have meaning to you as an artist.

How can we contribute even more helping you with a professional music video? Mainly, the Chamaeleo team knows that the secret of the successful music video is the perfect sound and image symbiosis at the time of video editing. When you associate a picture with sound in the right way, the audience will have an unforgettable experience both visually and audibly.


Furthermore, by creating a script that adds another layer of significance to your song or supporting an existing idea, we will complement the song with images that are in harmony, thus contributing to the experience created by the sound. So, we will be working on the production of the video and we will cover all the elements necessary for it to become professional and adapted to your personality as an artist: from actors, operators, publishers, assistants, and equipment, to illustrate as precisely as possible your artistic vision.



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