Promotional Videos

80% of the online content is  video. Online marketing specialists claim that, in the coming years, the text or images will account even less than 20% or less of the total content created and distributed online. Instead, video content like promotional videos, presentation videos, but also the video spots too will be more and more widespread. 

Social Media and more: Content Package

Nowadays, there are numerous channels that we can use for visual communication, with social media being the most representative and effective for all brands.

This is why we came up with a service package dedicated especially for your brand's visual marketing:

Your photo - How your customers see you ?

Your portrait - Profile photo is one of the ways people can identify you both online and offline. More and more people have begun to realize the importance of using a professional portrait photo that can be used both online and in offline print media. Employees, public figures, people who run a business or own a business, they can all improve their image and how they are perceived just by using a professional profile photo.

Business Portraits: From photoshoot to final image

Am decis sa facem acest articol pentru a arată etapele prin care trecem pentru realizarea unui portret. În funcție de contextul în care va fi prezentată fotografia și de branding-ul pe care îl aveți în vedere alegem locația, fundalul și setup-ul de lumini.

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