Perhaps you were on vacation or made a video with a makeup tutorial. So you've managed to get some perfect frames for a video with the right content. However, you certainly need some special effects or a special professional assembling. So, Chamaeleo provides these video assembling services and professional video editing services for both amateurs and professionals.

We know very well what the filming process involves, so we are convinced that you have been very busy filming the event, and that time may not allow you to also take care of video assembling or video editing. So if you need to outsource your process, the Chamaeleo team can provide a professional video assembling so that you can stop worrying about this stress and just enjoy your passion.


So, with Chamaeleo, you can be sure that this weight of editing and video assembling is in good and professional hands, editing your filmed material, whether it's part of fiction or documentary events or productions.


Also, with these professional video assembling and editing services, we also offer you the guarantee that we will understand your fundamental concept to recreate the story from your perspective when we perform the video assemble. So, through communication, we make sure that we have the same visual perception and that we respect the conceptuality of the material when we make the finished video product.

However, you probably wonder, with what types of filming can we work? The Chamaeleo team is at your disposal for professional video editing and assembling for personal videos, wedding videos, birthdays, christening videos, and even corporate video. So do not hesitate to call us, no matter what type of video you have, we will take action to create a unique story based on it, so you can relive the key moments with your friends.


Also, to use our services, the steps are very simple:


  1. Send us video files with confidence, along with your specific requirements       
  2. We will look at these video materials you send us and discuss your concept and perception that you want to visually translate into the final material and we will determine which key moments or your favorite shots are.                        
  3. Then we will edit the video and we will send you a sketch so that you can visualize in which direction the video is outlined and give us some insights on how to proceed further to the end of the product.
  4. On the basis of these final opinions, we will then send you the final clip ready to be distributed in the online environment on all social media platforms.


Why use us? First of all, because the Chamaeleo team is a dynamic team with professional video editors that will cover all of your project's specifications. Secondly, we can guarantee professionalism by these professional video editors taking into account many technical aspects such as color and effect classification, sound, lighting, graphics, soundtrack and more. So, contact us now to assemble and edit your story as you perceive it, you’re in the right hands.


To keep in touch, just fill in the brackets below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to work together and make your dream reality.