• "Chamaeleo - Capturing Light" is representing a collective of artists specialised
    in cinematography and media arts. Every project is unique so, depending on your vision,
    we aput together the right team to meet up all your expectations,
    both stylistically and technically.

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Arts are our passion, whether they are visual or audio, we are adepts of aesthetics, creativity, innovations, all these elements inspiring us to push forward in our work.

We understand the significance and the impact that visual storytelling has gained as a means of communication. This is why our expertise includes a deep understanding of frame structure, expressed through light, color and composition to ensure that we deliver the best product that could result from our collaboration.

Based in Cluj-Napoca, but not limited to this location, we want to offer our services wherever you may need them.

Our mission is to help you communicate your messages and to support both people & brands including artists, companies, freelancers, craftsmen, etc.


To keep in touch, just fill in the brackets below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to work together and make your dream reality.